Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Newsies Prophetic?

I was sitting down to the piano to pick out some Newsies songs from a Disney musical I've always loved. I recently came across my old piano book for the soundtrack while unpacking another box. Call me crazy, but I started to get emotional as my spirit resonated with the themes of warring for freedom, of never giving up, of uniting together to stand for justice. God has been preaching the good news to us by every means possible since the dawn of creation and before. Throughout history, the story of redemption is repeated over and over in the course of natural events, clearly pointing to the truths of the kingdom of heaven!

If you've never seen Newsies, try tracking it down. It's a classic the whole family will love.


07000intune said...

Thanks Julie,
I see what you mean. I'd never even heard of it. Musically it is really well written too!

Christine keeps reading bits of the Shack out to me...particularly the bits that sound like "No independent self" from Norman Grubb. Both you and Lydia have talked about it and it really caught my eye in our church bookshop on Sunday....only to see that Christine came back from Blackpool with it that very day. It is now 3rd position in a national normal book chain here. Quite amazing for England!
I wrote back to Heather Clark tonight in an attempt to encourage her, when she returned my email..also we have heard some great testimony tonight from some guests:
Thankyou so much.
It would be wrong to overstate the effects of all you musicians at Lakeland on our music here, because it has been something that has been growing over 20 years.
But since your input....our weekly main meetings have changed totally to be much more like the flexible format in Lakeland.
You will never completely realise the effect of your boldness and simple openness of heart to let the Lord's song come through you.
I guess all over the world it was like a bit of a starting gun for tons of musicians who had been a bit hesitant before.
The meeting this Sunday was again so different, and had such a strong sense of God's Presence...and during this time I so longed that you should know about this. So it is great that you emailed.

I'm sure you would be welcome in the UK. Maybe even in Dudley for example.well here in Havant...almost anywhere!!
God Bless
PS Tonight we have an amazing couple staying with us for 3 or 4 days.They've kind of been sent out from us and God leads them to new places to help break them open in the Spirit. Kind of Intercessors. They've just returned from the Northern countries like Latvia and Lithuania, and Iceland.
They were in Iceland for Josh Mills...and again saw the gold! At another Icelandic set of meetings they were in, John and Carol Arnott were ministering to a whole bunch of newly converted street people...bit of a revival going on. One King pin Vice Lord was sovereignly and supernaturally converted there a few months back...and that started the whole thing rolling.
So great to hear about all this stuff...rolling on the back of Florida! It's great isn't it!! The Kingdom rolls on.

RJW said...

You found me out! ;) I have an inappropriate sense of humor!

If that guy doesn't make you crack up, something's definitely wrong with you!

Not you, Chris...

jul said...

Which guy? Christian Bale or some other guy? I'm confused, but I'm also very tired. Why oh why am I on the computer? (it's only 8:30 pm haha, but that just goes to show you what kind of life I lead!)

RJW said...

Joe; he makes me laugh.

Marisa said...

Newsies is one of my favorite movies! I used to watch it everyday! I still listen to the soundtrack on a daily basis.