Monday, January 05, 2009

Dear Sovereign Grace Ministries, C.J. Mahaney, Dave Harvey, Joshua Harris (and all other SGM pastors and leaders...)

I hate to do this. I know I run the risk of alienating people I love, of burning bridges I don't want to burn. You might think it ironic in light of my last post, but actually it is precisely because my last post is true that I am compelled to write this. I am torn! I am angry, but I am heartbroken. I am afraid, but I am fearless. Sometimes I almost understand, then I don't at all! I am so perplexed about you! Please please please just tell the truth and ask for forgiveness where there have been grave errors in judgement and sin against God's children. The world outside SGM will not be merciful when all those things begin to come to light, and they are already--time is short.

Noel's Story

A Call to Sovereign Grace Men

Phoenix Preacher

You are all in my prayers, leaders and families, members, and former members... And may the power of the one and only Gospel be revealed and proclaimed even in all of this.

"Now the law came in to increase the trespass, but where sin increased, grace abounded all the more, so that, as sin reigned in death, grace also might reign through righteousness leading to eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord."

Romans 5:20-21


Matthew Daelon said...

Noel's story is very intense...I had no idea. It made me rethink some of my religious mentalities and renew my mind with the grace of God. This is what happens when we desire to be teachers of the law. The self-righteous are only allowed to be concerned with themselves. One wrong move and they've forfeited their salvation or...proved they were never saved to begin with.

..This post encouraged me to forsake all righteousness under the law and be found in Christ, not having my own righteousness. We can see clearly in her story what trying to establish your own righteousness does to you and others.

jul said...

Matthey, thanks for saying all that, it is so encouraging and you get it! The root of all these terrible sins is trying to live under Law. And then sin must be covered up out of fear if you are not secure in your right standing before God, if you think your standing before God or your fellowship with God is somehow dependent on your performance, you will be continually trying to justify or explain away your sins and failures. Self-rightousness, right?

You get it, you get it! And you are such an encouragement, thanks.

Juli said...


I struggle too with all that has and continues to go on in SGM churches. Yet, I still love the Body of Christ desperately and what to see all of them whole, complete and set free in Christ - I know this is your heart too.

I've been troubled by the tendency, espcially when a story like Noel's comes to light, that the anger seems to go on and on, like a feeding frenzy. Fuleing the fire that somehow doesn't bring progress like it should. Noel's story should result in people finding healing and hope, not just anger and more "fuel for the fire". I hate it that some have even exploited her story for their own personal vendettas against SGM as well. I know that is not everyone's desire, but some, those especially hurt by SGM, fall victim to that unfortunately.

I am praying the Lord would continue to reveal, but I keep reminding myself that once everything is revealed, then what? How do we pick up the pieces? We need to start discussing those things, as more and more come out of horribly legalistic situations where idolatry and pride and a multitude of other sins were present. How can we give grace and truth to these people? THat should be the focus - pointing people to Jesus Christ. And not just talking about the problems we see over and over, cause at some point, they get it. And then they need to know the next step, and the next step is always more of Jesus!

I love your blog and your heart of encouragement, thanks sister!

jul said...

Juli, excellent points. I wholeheartedly agree with you! I am praying that truly all involved would look up and see Jesus and find he is indeed all we ever needed. Light has come into the world and the darkness has not overcome it!!!

DB said...

The silence and dearth of outrage speaks for itself.

All we can expect to hear from named names is the proverbal chirping of crickets?

Anonymous said...

Again, these men talk the talk, strut like peacocks, but when the time comes to step up and behave like real men, where are they?

RJW said...


Your word verification is judges...God-incidence?

jul said...

RJW, that is really strange...usually they are nonsensical are they not? Mine this time is...

As long as everyone knows, I have no desire to have any part of that judging role either. I pick mercy!

Steve said...

What is Going on at SG Kingsway in Richmond VA?

Have you seen the following blog entry? Gene Emerson is half heartedly admitting mistakes he made over 10 years ago. You can read about it here: