Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dear Struggling Christian...(from the comment section somewhere back there)

I wrote this a while back in response to the question of whether or not we may lose our salvation. It was specifically in regards to fear and uncertainty...

I understand where you're coming from with the depression thing, I can so relate to the temptation to want to throw my hands up in the air and give up on it all! And in essence, that is what I finally did, just not in the way the old serpent was hoping for haha!

That merry-go-round you're talking about is lawgracelawgrace around and around, up and down. Roller coaster Christianity that depends on my performance, oh yes, by God's grace of course, but I must 'appropriate' the grace, or yes but we must 'balance' the grace. As a child of God slightly less brave than Paul, I can't write the words I really want to, but let's just say that's all a bunch of rubbish, I mean the kind that needs to be flushed down the toilet.

All the wrestling and fighting and anger you experience is the kicking of a living spirit! Before you were born again, you were dead in your transgressions, but you are alive! The fact that you are alive shows me that you have been born again, born in the same manner that Jesus was when he entered the world as a little baby. He had this weak flesh like us, but he was without sin. His father was not Adam, but the Holy Spirit. And he was the first born of many brothers--us! We are like him, we have been recreated in his image. He has already dealt with our sin and he will return, not to deal with sin, but to give us immortal perfect flesh to house our already immortal perfect spirit!

Yes, it's good news!

Here are a few warnings for you: if you stray from the flock, Jesus will leave the 99 to come find you. If you take your father's resources and go out into the world and spend it all on liquor and loose women, your father will wait for your return and he will not be disappointed. If you think you can escape his love, be forewarned! You never can! He is your bridegroom and however many times you play the whore to the old impotent husband he will receive you back with joy! If you are angry with him, he will comfort you, he will listen, he will win you back again. You will never reach the end of his mercy, you will never be able to outrun his love. Where ever you may hide he will chase you down and coax you out into freedom and joy.

You are his and he is yours, forever.

This striving you are now experiencing is not for no purpose! You will soon enter his rest.


sparrow girl said...

Wow! That was beautiful, especially the part in bold. The fact that we just can't escape Him and His love just brings relief and makes me relax! I don't remember the source, but it reminds me of the quote "He is in every place we seek to hide from Him."

Thank you, Julie, I do not "know" you very well yet, but I love reading your blog! Hope you have a wonderful day in His grace!

Love, Sparrow

keith said...

How 'bout we, as christians, do what we know God will do and what his will is, clearly from scripture, and take back our own husbands if they stray, or even if we think they stray - isn't that clearly the will of God our father???

Isn't is clearly God's will that we, as supportive friends, encourage such??

And who can judge the straying husband but God? What fruit, oh those that are so quick to judge, is adequate to at least get a benefit of a doubt??

jul said...

Hi sparrow girl, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Hi Keith, I'm not sure how this relates to the post... what I was trying to say is that God's love is amazing and strong and He will always win us with his goodness. He is not counting any of our sins against us! They are all dealt with at the cross and anyone who believes in Jesus will never be judged or condemned or rebuked ever again. We are no longer under law, trying to figure out how to behave in order to please God or 'do his will'. He is already pleased with us in Jesus. Grace is wonderful and gives us freedom, it doesn't bind us up and hedge us in, that's what the law does. We are all free to make our own choices, you are too!

I'm not sure who you think is judging you...but if you believe in Jesus, God is not judging you! It doesn't matter at all if anyone is or isn't. I have people trying to judge me often, calling me names even or sending my husband e-mails about me heh. I'm sad when people feel hurt or offended by anything I may write or say or do, but I'm so happy in God's love that it really doesn't bother me the way it once would have.
Accusation only ever come from the enemy, and the enemy has been defeated. So I shake it off easily, not because I'm perfect but because the Father is satisfied with me in Jesus! I encourage you to do the same!

Anonymous said...

That was excellent! It made me think about me having 100 single dollar bills in my pocket and one blew away in the wind. The people around me would think I am nuts if I were to spend my day(s) searching for just a single dollar. However, Christ sees a far greater value in us where just having 99 is not sufficient but will diligently seek out the one. What a God of love!