Thursday, September 02, 2010

I'm Not A Serious Christian.

It's funny how in today's online world  how we can be aware of people and places we would have long forgotten otherwise.   I have links to much of my past, casual links, but almost daily reminders of where I've been.  There are people I've known almost my whole life, leaders I admired as a child or teen, the truly serious Christians.  They are passionate, radical, and outspoken.  They are generally well-liked in their circles.  I like them too.  But sometimes I think "how tired they must be!".  I can't imagine being a serious Christian for 20, 30, or more years, I know I couldn't do it and besides that, I have absolutely no desire to.  I only tried my hand at it for 20 years or so, of course I started very young, but even for a young person it was tiring. 

Today I'm a Christian still, but more because I can't stop being one (if your definition of  a Christian is someone who believes in Jesus, that he is God, that he came in the flesh, lived and died to give us eternal life for free).  I can't stop believing in Jesus, it comes natural to me these days, pretty easy, simple and uncomplicated.  Some people hate this kind of faith, they don't think it's good enough or something.  They want to condemn me, mock me, or just dismiss me altogether.  That's ok.   I've traded in my serious Christianity for something much more joyful and restful.   I feel free.  This flesh is not perfect and never will be but my spirit is alive with Jesus, completely righteous, completely FREE.  I wish everyone would be free!


Jamie said...

"They are passionate, radical, and outspoken."

Funny! I think we are, too. But it's who we are, not who we try to be for Jesus. Therein lies the difference.

Love to you & yours, Jul. And belated anniversary blessings!

Chris Welch - 07000INTUNE said...

The whole of the New Covenant has an unserious look to it.It disarms principalities and powers completely. From a baby in a cow trough onwards really.
The kingdom looks disarming.
But what you've got to realise is that unlike law which is part-time religion, now and then religion, Cain's " I'll stuff in a few harvest festival goods" religion-
the new Covenant is this continuous paper thin application of gold leaf glory
day to day pours forth speech,
on our off days, on our on days.
Like the boy who learned to jump by every day jumping over a bamboo
stalk as it grew.
Cain stuff has to look pompous,with regalia,important from day one.
The New Covenant has to look like a child growing,
not even noticed by the people that be....
quite suddenly
that child
is a man
who overturns Kingdoms
who terrorises evil
with one word from his mouth.
the kingdom is too stupid for words!!!!

jul said...

Jamie, you're right! I had commented something to that effect where this posted on Facebook.

"The funny thing is that I would describe myself as 'passionate, radical, and outspoken' haha but I'm not driven, not desperate anymore. I admire passion but sometimes you can be zealous without knowledge. "

Chris, I love that, "the kingdom is too stupid for words". LOL, that sums it up, especially as it surely must seem to the outsider whether they are religious or not. The simplicity of the gospel is maddening isn't it? And the absolutue helpless humility it requires in order to embrace it is for some just too much.

James Preston said...

This is incredible. I love it. Powerful truth that rings through every fibre of my being. The Glory of The New Covenant never ceases to amaze.a beautiful, provoking article with equally inspiring comments. Especially Chris!

Thank you for being true to your convictions!

Pinetown - South Africa

Paul Spencer said...

I know exactly what you mean Jul - I'm there myself. I think it's not the Gospel that such people are so passionate about - it is more the man-made stuff that is now associated with it: church buildings, conferences, CDs, music, charity and so on.

When you say, "They are passionate, radical, and outspoken." I tend to think to myself, "More like highly-opinionated." How is it that Christianity has become so intertwined with politics and opinions - as if they are the fountain of all truth?