Thursday, June 30, 2005

long time

So my last post was the day before I had Isaac. I haven't written in a while. Labor was a breeze I must say. We really enjoyed chatting with the midwife, (who is Catholic) about spiritual things. But then came delivery and that REALLY hurt. Still it went very well. My husband went to pick up the other to kids (3 and 4) about an hour after the baby was born. Also my youngest sister and shortly after that my in-laws showed up. Quite a little party with the Boston Market feast. Another day labor which is great. Wake up in the morning, start painless contractions and finish in time to go home to bed. All natural childbirth is great but it is very painful. I think I already mentioned that. The way I got through was by chanting over and over in my head: I'm never doing this again, I'm never doing this again. Anyway all is well. I'm really enjoying having a baby again, but my house is a complete disaster. Oh well. I know it will all eventually get back to normal.

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